The Pirate Bay List

We want the freedom world, for what? It’s just our Right.

We have right to vote the president, to talking something, to eating , to living with somebody, And we also have right to visit the Internet. Those are basic elements about a personal’s life.

But something happen now !! We are not allow to visit a website which was named : The Pirate Bay.

Why ?

On 20 February 2012, the High Court in London ruled that The Pirate Bay facilitates copyright infringement. 

So We can not visit the TPB for now On.

If u are still confuse with TPB, or don’t know TPB , i will explain it .

This is The Pirate Bay, not some other site. They may not take responsibility for the unauthorized sharing of copyrighted works, but they definitely condone it, and take part in it themselves.

Some fans may event say that :” Okay. Then someone tell me where I can support an artist by paying for his album or song, and I’LL KNOW the money isn’t going to the RIAA, Google, Amazon, Spotify, or Apple.Unless a viable place like that comes along, people will constantly pirate.The price of online albums is MORE than the cost of going down to the store and buying a CD that I can’t rip to file. Unless that stops, piracy will continue.I WANT to support the people who make the songs. Buying it through Google Music, Amazon, iTunes or Wal Mart is NOT doing that.(Also, how am I supposed to get a fair price of a Beatles album? I can’t really support a band that’s broken up and had two of it’s members die.)”
The Pirate Bay,It was fascinating that the people creating the torrents are heralded as some sort of freedom fighters, whereas the creators of the content aren’t entitled to any of their own effort.

Those who really want to download torrentas will find a way to access The Pirate Bay or one of the many alternatives. Presently there are hundreds of active Pirate Bay proxies. With our list, we help to circumvent the Internet censorship of European countries

So we will offer a fast, safety, mirror website to you . Just hope u will can enjoy the Internet Right.